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It is our policy to offer the highest quality lists and services on the market. We can guarantee that our directories have many of the best marketing/advertising companies in the industry. We examine all of the sites as they are submitted to us and we eliminate many of the companies that are unethical or compile lists through unethical procedures.

There are companies that are extremely deceiving. We have a large database of companies and the database will continue to get larger until we have every marketing company within. It is extremely hard to make ethical judgments regarding a database of that kind of magnitude. With that being said we make no guarantees or claims that any of our listed companies are telling the truth. We certainly do not guarantee or claim that you will get results of any kind from a company that is listed in our directory. For the first 2 years Emailresults.com leads are offered only to our subscribers when they pay for a subscripiton. After the leads are 2 years old they can be sold to non-subscribers as a bulk order. Our privacy policy prohibits us from disseminating any contact information that is submitted from our subscribers.

Understanding the request form...

  • What are you selling: Most email campaigns are selling a product or service. Name that product and/or service in this field. (for example: security services, accounting software)
  • Target Market: Name here who you see as the market or potential buyers of your product/service. (for example: home owners, accountants)
  • Size of your mailing: How many emails do you plan to send -- this will affect your potential revenue and cost. (for example: 100,000 to 250,000)
  • Your Time Frame: When do you plan to do your mailing? (for example: mailing within one month)
  • Campaign Details: Give a more complete description of what you are planning. (for example: I plan to do 3 sequential mailings to homeowners in New Jersey in order to sell a new security system.)
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